The Collective

At Saudade Collective we are dedicated to make gorgeously-designed, durable and responsibly-made products accessible to the largest possible audience. We deeply care about the quality of our products and their esthetics. However, as a sustainability-forward company, we believe that a truly conscious brand doesn’t harm neither people nor planet. Hence, our mission.

Saudade Collective stain
As we live in a rapidly evolving world. We surround ourselves by factory-made mass goods, that are mere replicas of each other. In fact, big homeware and fashion brands are notorious for cultural appropriation and copying independent designers. Although we realize it might be hard to resist discounts and deals from these big brands. We feel it’s most important to understand the true costs of mass goods. Only then, you can make an informed decision about what you buy.

In the spirit of Saudade

Additionally, factory-made mass production accelerates the disappearance of craftsmanship. Reflecting the meaning of Saudade, to us this loss of artisans techniques is devastating. Therefore, we do not support factory-made mass production. Our philosophy focuses on collectively preserving (traditional) craftsmanship. In craftsmanship we see an important counterpoint, for what modern industrialization does for work and consumption. By teaming up with skilled designers and artisans from different countries and cultures, we create unique products together.

We argue that design, quality and ethics are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it is the combination of the three that can be truly magical. With our Saudade keepsakes, ignorance may give way to a deeper awareness of the journey each item takes before it becomes yours. And since every journey has a starting point, to us the Saudade journey starts with the makers.
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Ineke van der Werff by Jet van Gaal Photography 

A keepsakes journey

Above all, our Saudade Collective revolves around fair production by talented artisans. Weavers, beaders, brass casters, glass blowers, dye masters, ceramists, wood workers, textile experts, goldsmiths, designers. We work closely with artisans around the world, tapping into their wealth of expertise. We support their social development, as they pass on their skills to future generations, from mother to daughter, from master to apprentice.

In silent protest against mass consumption, their Saudade creations travel the world, across different countries and cultures to be shared with you. It’s the story behind every Saudade keepsake and the artisanry with which it is created, that pulls on your heartstrings. Every detail has its own origin, its own passion, its own soul.

Our Saudade collection consists of responsibly created and carefully curated homeware and jewellery. In order to make you understand the journey of your keepsake, we believe in the necessity of transparency and traceability – the knowledge of where a product came from, who made it and how. That’s why we built Saudade from the ground up, working directly with every step of our supply chain. Following production, we form a bridge between our artisans and entrepreneurs in order to make our collections accessible to everyone.

Each item is handcrafted and – in the spirit of Saudade – only available in limited quantities. This way, we can ensure it is as extraordinary as the Collective that inspired it. In the end, we want to share our beautiful products with you, for them to inspire you to become more aware of the real value of what you collect in your life.